Shave On The Go: Carzor Razor Fits In Wallet

August 5, 2011


Need a shaving razor that can fit in your wallet? No, you don't. Not unless you want to threaten to cut your server when they bring the bill with the hopes of scoring a free sundae. *eyes belly shaking head*

The blades come off and are stowed on the backside of the mirror when not in use, so you don't accidentally cut yourself. And it comes with a set of 'scent strips' you can adhere just below the blades, like sandal, ocean or lemon, to freshen you up while you shave. It doesn't seem to address the whole issue of shaving cream, but I guess in a real emergency that would be more of a luxury than a necessity. $17 from Infmetry.

Listen: if you don't have the time to shave at home before a job interview, you've probably already slept through it. Just go back to bed for the day and check the classifieds againt tomorrow. I mean, we've functioned for solong without wallet-razors, why do we need them now? "I dunno -- for the mole on my neck that grows a 5 o'clock shadow by 10AM?" *dry heaving* LOLWUT?!

Product Site
Carzor - An Emergency Credit Card Sized Razor & Mirror [ohgizmo]

Thanks to bluebeard, who's apparently one of those alternative pirate captains that likes to dye their beards different colors every month. I like it when it was auburn.

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