Shadow The Self Proclaimed Ninja Has Been Patrolling Small English Town For Six Years

August 30, 2011


Yeaaaaaaah, can you turn the creep-factor down a couple notches, bro?

This is Shadow on patrol. He's a ninja. Or at least he says he is. He's been patrolling the small town of Yeovil in Somerset, England at night with a foam sword for the past six years. But during the day he's 33-year old Ken Andre, security guard, beloved husband and father of two. Boringest superhero backstory ever? Absolutely. And in six years how many people has he saved? I dunno, but one time he did scare off a group of kids that were shooting swans with bb guns, so that's something. Not something I'd choose to share in an interview about my ninja-ing exploits, but I'm also a real ninja who kills people on the reg. This guy walks around like he's caressing a giant Pokeball and is clearly an imposter. Proof: "During the day, he can frequently be found patrolling areas where he thinks trouble may flair." LOL @ "can frequently be found" -- NINJA FAIL!

Hit the jump for the I'm totally gonna start doing this.

'Ninja' patrols streets of Yeovil [bbcnews]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom and thatlizkid, who patrol their respective towns like normal people: they don't. I'mma rob your banks!

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