Safety Last: A Driveable Arcade Racing Game

August 3, 2011


This is an old SEGA Out-Run arcade game that's been mounted to a golf cart and programmed with custom software that, using two hood-mounted webcams, turns real-world roads and obstacles into in-game roads and obstacles. Better buckle up! Jk jk, it's a golf cart -- what's the worst that could happen? SPOILER: gruesome death. Yeah, better buckle up.

The old fiberglass and wood cabinet was hacked up and the motors, wheels, and drive train from an electric golf cart were stuffed inside. The original steering wheel and pedals were used for the controls. Although the top speed of the in-game car is about 180 mph, that was brought down to a reasonable 13 miles per hour.

The build doesn't run on the original 68k processor. Instead, custom software is used to take real-world image data from two webcams on top of the cabinet. These images are then converted into Outrun sprites and displayed on the monitor. The software proportionally changes the speed of the in-game car, but it seems the difference between the game speed and real-life speed would be a little disconcerting.

Great job guys, I've always wanted to drag a jogger to their death.

Hit the jump for a video of the Need For Waaaaaaaaaay More Speed in action.

Classic game cabinet becomes a drivable car [hackaday]

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