Ryu Vs Ken: Impressive Street Fighter Stop Motion Animation Made With Action Figures

August 5, 2011


This is a stop-motion animation of a friendly battle between Ryu and Ken complete with special AND sound effects. What a minute -- friendly battle? There's no such thing as a friendly battle! IT IS IS KILL OR BE KILLED. Or, okay, run and hide, but that's generally frowned upon.

In this video I try to make the fight back to original and not to use too much special effets, hope you guys like it, this took me around 1 month for the proccesing, and yeap I am already working with Halo and the next one will come first with the hot girl gun fight, wish you guys enjoy the show...Thanks :D

Not even sure why I bothered copy/pasting that. The only thing you need to know is it's a worthwhile video of Ryu and Ken action figures duking it out -- or, should I say, hadouken it out? ZING ZING ZING ZING -- I'M F***ING RETIRING NOW.

Hit the jump for the good lookin'. No not me silly, I'm hideous!


Thanks to Wilmersama, who has never made a stop-action video with action figures but does play with them in the bathtub. Same here.

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