Robots Running Rampant: Toshiba Develops Roomba Competitor, Prices Over $1,000

August 25, 2011


This is the Toshiba Smarbo (more like Stupibo amirite?!), a robotic vacuum cleaner designed to compete against iRobot's Roomba. Except this one costs $1,200. Call me old fashioned, but I still like pushing around a $100 vacuum. Well, I don't like doing it, I just have to when the vomit dries and can finally be picked up. Well, technically I don't have to, it's just that I'm a neat freak. Jk jk -- just a regular freak.

This little cleaning bot has two CPUs, though we don't know what kind, a camera, and 38 sensors that cover things like gyro, acceleration, range detection and more. According to Toshiba, the Smarbo will clean an area of 100sqm in about 90 minutes. If you are worried about electrical usage you'll be happy to know that it costs about $0.03 (USD) for a room of that size.

Roombas suck. And I'm not just saying that because I hate robots. They don't have enough power and take forever. They can't even suck up a paper clip. And you know how many paper clips there are in my carpet? Literally thousands. It's getting to be a problem.

Toshiba Smarbo Ready to Take on the Roomba [technabob]

Thanks to Kevin, who once ate a Skittle out of a vacuum canister before. Um, Kevin? That sounds like it was in strict violation of the 5-second rule.

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