Robotic Goalkeeper Never Misses A Save

August 22, 2011


This is an old-ass video of a robotic goalkeeper named Ball-Lover Robokeeper that's programmed to track an orange soccer ball and never miss a save (unless you shoot in a top corner). Now I'm not saying I know for a fact I could easily get one past him, but I AM saying I know for a fact I could easily saw his entire body off above the shin-guards and use it as a skateboard ramp. I'm gonna ollie my neighbor's recycling bin!

Hit the jump for a short video of Robokeeper in tilting action.


Thanks to Matt, who never misses the hole when he's playing that "blow up the balloon by shooting your water gun into a clown's mouth" at the fair and wins the big prize every time. Jelly GW is jelly.

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