Put Your Fingers In The Eye Sockets And Rooooooooll: Severed Head Bowling Balls

August 8, 2011


This is a series of zombie/severed head bowling balls created as part of a marketing campaign for 13th Street, a German sci-fi/horror cable channel. As you can see, they were painted to look like decapitated heads, and you put your fingers in the eyes/nose/butthole/mouth. Pretty clever. Granted not as clever as getting an actual severed and shrunken head encased in a clear bowling ball, but not everybody knows a witchdoctor. Do they, Kapalu? "Ooka ooka, tally-tuka-rah." Haha, man I want a bone in my nose like that.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of people freaking out when they stick their fingers in the holes because they put Vasoline in there or something.




Zombie Bowling Balls: Heads Will Roll! [technabob]

Thanks to Candice, who's actually handled a severed head before and says they're surprisingly heavy. HA -- you should try carrying a dragon's head back down the mountain after saving a princess!

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