Battle (Toads) To The Death!: Nintendo Armor

August 4, 2011


Sweet staff bro.

Seen here moments before raiding the novelty t-shirt kiosk behind them, Lord N-64 of Cartridge and the Duke of Super Nintendonia pose for a photo op. Pretty clever, guys. Unfortunately, nowhere near as clever as my Baron von Wii armor. *struttin' that ass in CD chainmail* "Are those all Wii disks?" Oh hell no, that would be expensive -- most of these are just my sister's CD's. "LOL, your sister still buys CD's?!" She's 12! "And?" AND MAKE-BELIEVE YOU IDIOT, SHIT!

Nintendo Cartridge Armor: Great For Protecting Virginity [break]

Thanks to Duncan, not to be confused with Dunkin, which is what you do with donuts (and witches).

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