Mr. Slingshot Showing Off His 220-Pounder

August 30, 2011


Remember Mr. Slingshot? He is like, soooooo into slingshots. I heard he likes them so much he wants to marry them. I know, it's that serious. Me? I'm married to the lord. Or is that nuns? I dunno, but one of them used to let us drink the Ocean Spray cran-grape juice out of the refrigerator at church before it was transubstantiationed. It was a habit. HIYO -- nun joke! This is Mr. Slingshot about to send a little car to meet its maker (Ford? I have no idea). Per the man himself:

So I just came back sunburned and really tired, but happy because it was just a blast -- so much fun. Unbelievable. I think this is the most amazing weapon -- rubber-based weapon that I've ever made. [I'm] really proud. Well thanks for watching! And byebye.

You gotta love a burly-ass dude who signs off his Youtube videos with a sweet "thanks for watching -- byebye", amirite? I am. Great, so now you're in love with him too. I knew I shouldn't have pointed that out!

Hit the jump for the would consider bringing to a knife-fight.

220-pound slingshot cannon eats cars for breakfast [dvice]

Thanks to Fernando, who reminded me of the Andy Griffith Show episode where Opie kills a mother bird with a slingshot and then feels bad because the babies don't have a mom anymore. I cried. HARD.

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