Mr. Bean Crashed His $2 Millon McLaren F1

August 5, 2011


56-year old British comedic actor Rowan Atkinson, best known for playing the lovable passive-aggressive goofus (like me!) 'Mr. Bean', recently crashed his McLaren F1 (1 of 64 made -- AND THE SECOND TIME HE'S DONE IT) in Cambridge, England and is currently recovering from a minor shoulder injury. But that's not the important part of the story, the important part is my dad sent me this tip. Wait -- you, uh, read all of these things I say? "Nobody does, son." My father, ladies and gentlemen -- funniest man on the planet!

'Mr. Bean' actor Rowan Atkinson crashes his $1 million supercar [msnbc]

Thanks to my dad, who taught me everything I know about funny. Hey, you know what they say: the partridge doesn't fall far from the pear tree or something. They say something.

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