Melodic Metroid: 'Harmony Of A Hunter' Album

August 23, 2011


'Harmony of a Hunter' is a free Metroid inspired album to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. It's FREE FOR DOWNLOAD and OVER TWO-AND-A-HALF HOURS. Plus great to close your eyes and listen to. Several times I actually thought I was in space. "Technically, we are floating in space." Yeah? Well technically there's a monster turd floating in the third stall that won't flush. Wasn't me though. There's a Youtube sample after the jump if you want to test the wares before download, but like I said -- it's free. *randomizes tracks, closes eyes* Oh yeah, see right now I'm imagining traveling hyperspeed in a spaceship. Okay, now I'm descending into the atmosphere of an alien world. Oh shi-shi -- Samus is taking off her Zero suit -- SHE'S TAKING IT OFF! She has three titties -- SHE HAS THREE TITTIES!!!1 "No she doesn't." Well in my mind she does. Plus likes to be called Sam and is into bloggers.

Hit the jump for a preview and a link to the official site with multiple download locations.

Harmony of a Hunter Official Site

Thanks to NiQ, who knows fresh beats when he hears them and these were like, totally picked this morning.

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