Cyborg Eyeball Features Streaming Video Cam

August 26, 2011


Seen here creeping me the f*** out worse than the kid with an eyeball drawn on his eyepatch, Rob Spence shows off his video camera eyeball. Rob lost his eye in a shooting accident (which, while certainly serious, is still getting off lucky CONSIDERING HE WAS IN A SHOOTING ACCIDENT INVOLVING HIS FACE), and the last time we saw him had a red LED eyeball. Now he has a video camera. It is NOT a window to the soul. records everything he sees, sending what he's looking at in real time to a computer.

According to Rob, technology is already advanced and the possibilities are endless in the future.

He said: "People are going to have the option of having superior arms, superior eyes at some point.

"People say no one would ever cut off their own arm and replace it, but if the technology gets there - and it looks like it will - people will think about it.

"They might be early adopters."

First of all, the camera doesn't record everything he sees, it records everything he doesn't see, because that's his dud eye. Secondly, the day people start purposefully chopping off perfectly good body parts to replace with cyborg ones is the day I renounce my human citizenship. Get it? *unzipping body* I'm an alien! ZIP ZAP, BANANA NANU.

Hit the jump for a video interview.

Eyeborg: Man Films Through His Missing Eye [skynews]

Thanks to Bradley, Matt L. and R. Gonzalez, who prefer their original equipment.

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