Make Mine A Skull And Crossbones!: New Medical Monitoring Temporary Tattoos

August 12, 2011


Seen here on the back of a temporary tattoo that looks suspiciously like my high school mascot (the Iroquois Spider Pirates), a new barely-there medical patient monitor awaits being wetted and firmly pressed to the breast for 30-seconds. But can you make them with pencil lead on notebook paper? And, perhaps even more importantly, does anybody here know how to write letters backwards?

With the tattoo, all the electronic parts are built out of wavy, snake-like components, which mean they can cope with being stretched and squeezed.

There are also tiny solar cells which can generate power or get energy from electromagnetic radiation.

A mass of cables, wires, gel-coated sticky pads and monitors are currently needed to keep track of a patient's vital signs.

Scientists say this can be "distressing", such as when a patient with heart problems has to wear a bulky monitor for a month "in order to capture abnormal but rare cardiac events".

Hey -- there's nothing worse than a bulky monitor. *eying old 17" CRT computer monitor* "You lookin' at me?" YES I'M LOOKING AT YOU -- I STARE AT YOUR ASS 14-HOURS A DAY! Such a sessy ass it is too. I love the wires coming out.

Electronic tattoo 'could revolutionise patient monitoring' [bbcnews]

Thanks to Amanda and JoeLicASac, who wear their medical monitors like they wear their war scars: covered up under an ankle sock.

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