Looks Promising: Minecraft Pokemon Mod

August 22, 2011


Want to play Pokemon inside Minecraft? "No." WHAT THE -- where do you want to play then?! "Outside." Oh God, please tell me you're kidding.

This is a pretty epic looking Pokemon mod for Minecraft by a dude calling himself SeaGoingManatee and his co-coder Pwootage. It's called Pokemobs, and while there's only a few Pokemon available so far, the plan is to eventually incorporate a battling system and all of the original 151 'Monz.

That actually sounds pretty badass. Not as badass as affordable rocket packs, but it's up there. Which leads me to my next question: rocket packs or hoverboards? Because I say rocket packs. "Waffles." That...wasn't an option. Apparently you didn't hear me. "I did, I just want waffles." Oh come on -- do I LOOK like a breakfast genie to you?! (Ignore the cinnamon roll turban)

Hit the jump for a ten-minute demo of the pixel-y pocket monsters.

You Got Pokeymangs In My Minecraft! [albotas]

Thanks to Doug, who likes all his video games inside other video games. I know right -- it's like a two-for-one deal!

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