Look Out Batboat, There's A New Stealth Boat In Town! (Or, Okay, International Waters)

August 31, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like the Batamaran (see what I did there? I combined bat and catamaran) I drew for part of my Bat-fan fiction (I'm doing it again!) graphic novel, Juliet Marine's 'Ghost' stealth boat makes an appearance off the coast of New England. It floats on a layer of gas generated beneath it to reduce friction and cruise faster, up to 60MPH. Unless an engine's leaking, then it floats on a layer of oil and dead birds. :/

Gregory Sancoff, president and chief executive officer of Juliet Marine, said the U.S. government is interested and his company is working with a defense contractor to build a 150-foot model. The friction reducing gas technology, called supercavitation, works by generating a low-pressure zone around the ship's surface.

The Ghost keeps a low radar profile the same way stealth planes do, by making the radar waves bounce off of its surface.

Admittedly, I would captain one of those. And, okay, probably straight into a pier. Get it? Because it's so stealth. I f***ing forgot I was even driving a boat!

"Stealth" Boat Could Revolutionize Naval Warfare [nbcnews]

Thanks to Jeff and Ferris, who agree the stealthiest boat isn't a boat at all -- it's a sub. $5 footlongs FTW.

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