Lobster Rolls: Motorcycle Made From Lobsters

August 26, 2011


In other seafood news, this is a motorcycle made out of lobsters (not crabs) on display at a culinary conference in Fuzhou, China. "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!" Haha, no it doesn't, Indy. But seriously bro, how about that title I came up with? Lobster rolls. Get it? Like sushi! God, wordplay makes me hot. Foreplay? Not so much. Privates are icky and weird!

Hit the jump for three more shots of the don't forget to wear your scallop helmet.




Motorbike-shaped craftwork made of lobsters [peopledaily]
Main Picture

Thanks to Soe, who made a golf cart out of clams one time and drove it straight into a sand-trap. The beach -- strangely appropriate!

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