Shadow Optical Illusion: LIES, ALL LIES!!

August 18, 2011


This is an optical illusion being performed by an overturned trash can casting a shadow on a checkered picnic blanket, making it a far superior magician than you could ever be. That's pretty much all I have to say about this. Kidding, I actually have a grande finale planned. *flourishing cape* ABRACADAVER! *throws smoke bomb, trips off stage into audience*

Hit the jump AND BE AMAZED. Oooooor rude in the comments because you're a sad asshole.

Video of the Day: mind-numbing optical illusion [dvice]

Thanks to Balls, which I juggle as part of my act. Plus chainsaws.

  • "These two squares are exactly the same shade"

    Except, they are not.

    SIMPLE test: copy image, put in Paint. cut a chunk from one square, paste over the other "same" square. == DARKER.

    rgb of 1st square =120,93,86 (the dark square, in light)
    rbg of 2nd square =139,110,94 (the light square, in shade)

    In every aspect of hue, shade, and value the shaded light tile is LIGHTER than the illuminated dark square.

    You just HAD to tweak your image to heighten the effect you want to show, even if you invalidate you point in the first place.

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