Let There Be Light Stars: R2-D2 Planeterium

August 19, 2011


Is there anything more relaxing than falling asleep counting stars on your ceiling? Yes, tons -- including bubble baths. But it's still a good time, and galaxies far far away from passing out on the bathroom floor. Jk jk, I love that shit. Mmmm, SO COLD ON MY BARE CHEST.

today, the company fixed the release date (September 15) and price ($91) for the planetarium. The scaled replica projects about 10,000 stars onto the ceiling in your living room, and as a bonus, it shows the location of the Death Star, too.

The R2-D2 Planetarium uses a 1W white LED as a light source, runs for three hours on four AAA batteries and stands 21cm high. It has a projection range of 1.5-2.3m/4.9-7.5ft and a projection area of 1.8m/5.9ft circumference.

Would be great in your kid's bedroom, right? Hell no, that thing belongs in the master! Especially if you're gonna be playing a little Luke and Leia role-playing. "Please tell me you meant Han and Leia." *dry-heaving* Yeah I just realized.

Hit the jump for a closeup of the star pattern.


Product Site

Sega Toys Dates And Prices Its R2-D2 Homestar Planetarium [techcrunch]

Thanks to Adam and Melissa, who just got a whole bunch of those glow-in-the-dark stars and stuck them to the ceiling JUST LIKE I DID IN MY DORM ROOM. *high-five*

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