Let It All Out Bro, You'll Feel Better Afterward: Apple Fanboy Raging About OS X Lion

August 16, 2011


Note: Video is NSFW due to dirty words and NOT female nudity. Shocking, I know.

This is a video of Apple fanboy Alex Krasny raging out on why OS X Lion sucks so hard for a solid 15-minutes. It...was painful to watch. Waaaaaaaaay too painful for me, which is why I gave it about two minutes while hunting for a suitable screencap. The point is this: Alex isn't happy. And when Apple fanboys aren't happy, OH BOY, they'll eventually settle down and obey.

Hit the jump for Mr. Intensity himself.

Apple Fan Hates OS X Lion [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Brian, who only takes to his webcam to complain about fast food restaurants forgetting part of his order. Yeah -- WHERE THE F*** WAS YOUR BURRITO CRUNCH SURPREME?!

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