Learn By Looking: Mobile Gaming Infographic

August 2, 2011


Note: This isn't the whole graphic, it's not even a fraction of it. Well, technically it is a fraction of it, but only like 18% (ignoring scaling). I'm not a dork, you're a dork. Click HERE for the whole damn thing.

Looking: it's the best way to learn something. There's not too much reading involved, and you don't have to listen to some stodgy old pant-crapper talk about how things were done "back in my day". Back in your day?! YOUR DAY DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE PROFESSOR DOESN'T-KNOW-HE-JUST-FARTED-ALOUD! Mobile gaming: it's on the rise, son. If you've got the skills, now would be a good time to get into that. If you don't have the skills, now would be a good time to get some dirt on someone who does, so you can ride their coattails to cash-money. "Who the f*** still wears coattails?" Oh I don't know, ONLY THE HANDSOMEST, MOST DAPPER GENTLEMEN AROUND! *shatters lamp swinging walking stick*

Infographic of the Day: the mobile gaming world [dvice]

Thanks to Alan, who doesn't need a mobile platform to play games because he can play them entirely in his head. OMG -- me too! You ever played the one where you close your eyes then push on them real hard with your thumbs and try to guess what color you're gonna see?

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