Jabba Drinks: Han Solo In Carbonite Ice Molds

August 25, 2011


This is a $10 Han Solo in carbonite ice cube tray from ThinkGeek. It molds ice cubes that look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite...that'll last ten seconds in a drink before transforming into formless blocks. Now that's magic. Also, anybody think it's weird his name is Han SOLO despite the fact I heard he's never had sex with less than two women at once? I'm serious, Chewie told me he like never masturbates.

Hit the jump for a picture of a cube Photoshopped into a glass of water and a picture that'll answer the burning question, "but will it work for chocolate?"



ThinkGeek Product Site

Thanks to daniel, who can wax on and wax off with the best of them but a full detailing is gonna cost you.

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