I've Been Poisoned: A Space Invaders Couch

August 29, 2011


So I'm pretty sure James Bond tried to assassinate me last night by poisoning my Indian delivery (restaurant will remain nameless pending investigation). I'm practically immortal though so I'm still alive but I do feel like a half dozen buttholes sewn together. This is a space invaders couch from designer Igor Chak (who may or may not be a bolt-necked butler). You can actually get one made to order for $5,000, but this is just a rendering. And on this napkin? A rendering of me hunkered over the toilet puking and trying not to shit on my ankles at the same time.

Product Site
Space Invaders couch [boingboing]

Thanks to David B., who sleeps on the couch more often than not so it's important that it's comfortable and video game related.

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