Star Wars Coins Legal Tender For Island Nation

August 18, 2011



The island nation of Niue (~1,500 miles north of New Zealand in Polynesia) is minting a series of legal tender in the form of Star Wars themed coins. The series will include coins pressed in both 1oz silver coins carrying a $2 denomination and silver-plated coins with $1 denominations. The plated coins will cost $23.50 apiece and the actual silver ones will be sold in sets of four for $469. There will be over 40 different designs in total. But wait -- what's on the back?!

The obverse of the coin features The Raphael Maklouf effigy of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II sovereign of the commonwealth of Niue.

Wow -- the Queen of England gets to share the tail-side of a bunch of Star Wars coins? Her majesty must be truly honored! Oooooor too old to realize what she was signing when the deal went down. *drafts up bill of sale for England*

Hit the jump for several more shots of the designs and a link to the product page because, let's not kid ourselves, we all want the Han Solo one. I'm gonna roll it between my knuckles while I drive!



New Zealand Mint Product Site
'Star Wars' coins will be legal tender on South Pacific Island [cnn]

Thanks to Ali, who agrees a Jar Jar coin shouldn't even be worth a Tootsie Roll -- one of the tiny ones.

  • Elak Swindell

    $2 denomination coin for $117 dollars. Wow! That's a steal. NOT!

  • Victor Deloach

    Are these coins available for silver mints only? Funny, looks like the government in there would love to experience utopia by having r2-d2 on their currency. I'd rather buy gold coins than investing on this even it may be deemed as collectible.

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