iPhone Users Vs. Droid Users, The Infographic

August 17, 2011


Note: This isn't the whole chart. Or even legible. Click HERE to see the whole thing, then wrap your hands in flypaper, dip them in broken glass, and beat the shit out of each other in the comments. I WILL FEAST ON YOUR BLOOD.

This is an infographic comparing and contrasting iPhone users and Droid users. Which makes a better lover? Geekologie Writers. Jk jk, I don't know anything about that business. And by business I mean pleasure because I'm not a f***ing prosty. So yeah, there's actually a lot of info presented here, I just didn't look at it too hard. OR easy. Fine, I didn't look at it at all. It could be a picture of my genitals for all I know.

Android vs. iPhone: Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems [hunch]
Are iPhone users bigger jerks than Android users? [msnbc]

Thanks to Ryan, who doesn't use either because he still rocks a pager and makes all his calls from payphones. Are you a drug dealer?!

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