Impressive Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 In Stop Motion Paper Animation

August 17, 2011


This is stop motion animation of Super Mario Bros. world 1-1 made entirely out of paper. "Toilet paper?" Don't be stupid, we're not rolling our high school principal's house. Or are we? Because I want in if we are. "No way -- don't you remember what happened last time?" Yeah, we rolled the wrong house. "And?" And then got hit by a car running across the street. So what, lightning never strikes the same place twice. "WTF does that have to do with anything?!" *puts on ski mask backwards* Let's roll.

Hit the jump for the video set to Mario theme full orchestration. HOLY F*** THAT'S FANCY!

Super Mario Bros. Au Naturale [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Aaron, who doesn't make anything out of paper except more paper. Hoho, an investor -- I like that!

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