I'll Believe It When I'm Cured: New Drug 'Could Treat Almost Any Viral Infection'

August 11, 2011


Scientists at MIT claim they may have found a way to treat almost any viral infection by developing a drug that causes infected cells to kill themselves. No word if we can broaden the scope of the drug and treat the Kardashians.

Human cells have plenty of defenses against viral invasion, including proteins that attach to the double-stranded RNA, preventing the virus from replicating itself after successful invasion.

This new drug therapy combines those dsRNA proteins with a protein that induces apoptosis [programmed death]. It's called a DRACO, Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer.

A-ha -- I knew that dirty Malfoy Slytherin was behind this! Obviously this is some sort of complicated biological plot to rid the world of half-bloods. You know, oooooor it could just be scientists trying to make a positive change in the world. A postive change -- LOL! Obviously it's the first one. *casts anti-STD spell on wiener*

New Drug Can Treat Almost Any Viral Infection By Killing the Body's Infected Cells [popsci]

Thanks to pistol, Aimie and claustroformula, who agree there's already a treatment that cures everything: cyanide. I keep a capsule under my tongue just in case I catch something.

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