I Think I Just Sent It A Nudie Pic: NYC Parking Meters To Accept Smartphone Payments

August 17, 2011


Now that -- that's my kinda English.

Apparently similar systems already exist in Atlanta and Washington, but I've never heard about them SO IT'S NEWS TO ME. Also, that you're not allowed to park on the sidewalk just because you're out of quarters. I call bullshit! Also, those $6/minute sexy-talk numbers. Rock bottom: I am beneath those rocks.

The city is set to equip 300 parking spots in the coming months with a new tech that allows you to pay for parking using your phone. You'll need to complete a one-time registration online, but after that you simply text the parking meter number and the amount of time you want to a special number, or use an app to do the same. Time running low? You'll be notified and given the option to feed the meter without having the trudge back to your car. Not bad!

Wow, they actually had the decency to include a warning notification?! That's amazing. Because there's nothing worse than stumbling out of the bar to find you've gotten a ticket. Get it? BECAUSE YOU SHOULDN'T BE DRINKING AND DRIVING.

NYC to test out parking meters you can fill from your phone [dvice]

Thanks to Pastor, who preaches the good word. What's the good word today, father? "Afternoon nap". AMEN TO THAT.

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