I Smell A Slip 'n Slide!: Flowing Water On Mars

August 5, 2011


According to some scientists, this is photographic evidence of flowing wa-wa on Mars. How they can assume it's water and not acidic martian urine is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do WITH NOT ADHERING TO THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Great, you're gonna make us look like a bunch of astrologers.

A sequence of images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show many long, dark "tendrils" a few metres wide.

They emerge between rocky outcrops and flow hundreds of metres down steep slopes towards the plains below.

They appear on hillsides warmed by the summer sun, flow around obstacles and sometimes split or merge, but when winter returns, the tendrils fade away.

This suggests that they are made of thawing mud, say the researchers.

Now I know what you're thinking: "OMG -- we should bulldoze the entire mountain range and build a water park!" Haha -- fret not, my little water-winged friend, I'm already two steps ahead of you. *proudly showing off hand-painted 'WATER PARK IS TOPPLES ONLY' sign* "Um, GW -- WTF are topples?" You know, like people with their titties out!

One more shot not from directly above after the jump.


Mars: Nasa images show signs of flowing water [bbcnews]
Water Flowing On Mars, NASA Spacecraft Data Suggest [sciencedaily]

Thanks to bb and Fel, who don't care if there's water on Mars just so long as there are shaved ice vendors. Cherry, I want cherry!

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