Human Face Spotted In Cloud Formation

August 5, 2011


Note: Skip to 1:15 unless you've never seen regular-ass looking clouds before. Although, truthfully, I'm pretty sure I did see a pig and Daffy Duck at the very beginning.

This is a video of clouds passing by before a storm in New Brunswick, Canada that somebody decided to film because, shit, it was either that or grass. To the cameraman's credit though, they did manage to catch a formation that looks eerily like a human face. And by human I obviously mean half human, half-elf, because that's clearly Middle Earth's Elrond, Lord of Rivendell. That or Link. Nice ear, bro. You could cut off half that thing and almost make two penises.

Hit the jump for the Cumulonimbus Elvenlordicus or whatever.

Face In A Storm Cloud [buzzfeed]

Thanks to potshot and Vanilla Latte, who have never filmed clouds before because clouds don't really like it and they're privacy respecters.

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