Homemade Ghostbusters Pillow Proton Packs

August 25, 2011


One time I accidentally crossed the streams with some dude at one of those long trough urinals and I think some of his urine splattered on my hand. You know, just FYI.

This is a homemade Ghostbusters pillow proton pack lovingly crafted by Etsy seller JezebelRose. It is not to be confused with those functional Ghostbusters proton pack backpacks, which aren't so much made with love as manufactured with child labor. A made to order PPP will set you back $150 but does not include the ghost trap. Those are sold separately. Also: Micro Machines. Do they still make those things? I remember I used to always get in trouble for keeping all my favorite cars in my mouth. I used to call it "the garage" (pronounced 'HUU GUUAAH' with a mouthful of little cars). Now? Now I call it the grill. "I'd slap my meat on it, GW!" Hoho -- well done.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the Etsy.




Etsy Product Page

Thanks to Jack, who agrees if there's something strange in your neighborhood I am not the one to call because, well, I get scared easy. There, I said it.

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