Homemade Fire Extinguisher Grappling Hook

August 23, 2011


A grappling hook: you're a shitty ninja without one. You have like, GOT to have one if you ever want to be taken seriously. Also, throwing stars and a cool name. Me? I'm Shadow Strike, the Silent but Violent Assassin. "Nobody calls you that." Of course not -- I've killed everyone I've told. QUICK, BEHIND YOU -- IT'S ME! Too slow, I really was there though. You were reading Geekologie. Your B.O. aside, MIT student Christian Reed created a grappling hook gun out of an empty fire extinguisher and some other supplies and posted an Instructable online. A couple problems: 1. it's loud, effectively blowing any element of surprise and 2. it doesn't shoot nearly as far as anybody but THE most uncoordinated could swing a regular grappling hook. Sooooooooo, basically it's a really shitty t-shirt gun. Over here, OVER HERE!

Hit the jump for a video of the 'you will never climb through a window' using that thing in action.

Grappling Hook Launcher [instructables]
How to Make a Grappling Hook Gun With a Fire Extinguisher [gizmodo]

Thanks to Marcus, who climbs building exteriors with suction-cup hands and just blew his cover as Gecko-Man, the Reptilian Killer. Real smooth bro.

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