August 12, 2011


Because, even though it's my birthday, it shouldn't be all about me, here's a little something for you -- it's just a little something I'd like to call THE FUTURE OF INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT. Move over, Shiba Inu puppy-cam! The Human Society of Clinton, Iowa has a webpage where, after waiting in queue, you get to control a webcam and three different motorized cat toys in their kitty room for 2-minutes. The screencap here is at the end of what was probably my best sesh, where I had like five kitties going apeshit over toy #1. THEY WERE ATTACKING THAT THING FROM ALL ANGELS! "You mean angles?" No, they're all precious lil' angels!

Play With Our Kitties [clintonhumanesociety]

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who knows quality entertainment when he sees it and this, well, this is even beyond that.

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