For Grass Types: The Pokéball Herb Grinder

August 2, 2011


This is a couple shots of Geekologie Reader El Gostro's homemade Pokéball themed herb grinder. It's for cooking. Jk jk, it's for grinding marijuana. But probably not the good stuff because then you'd want one with a keif screen to prevent all those trichromes from going to waste. *whistling*

A passing of Janos or two agoes,was in a mate's place n when one of the party took out a spherical grinder to prepare the good vibe grass idea struck of how awesome would bes to have a pokeball looking grinder

Incidentally heres in Argentina we calls ems "Picachu" ( picar =grinding)

Last nite was same mate's birthday,soes wanted ta surprise him with its!

Went and gots a football(soccerball) shaped one,filed its,painted it with acrylics,added some tape n cold porcelain n glue n voilah!

A for effort, El Gostro. C for execution, but I'm going to go out on a limb stem here and assume you were high when you made it. Granted I have no room to talk, since I've never made anything when I was high except mistakes. And, okay, love. Drugs make me feel awkward during sex, folks, that's the real message here.

El Gostro's DeviantART Page

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