Dapper Droids: Hand-Knit R2-D2 Sweaters

August 15, 2011


BEEP BOOP B-- hey handsome.

This is a made-to-order hand-knit YAAAR2-D2 sweater from Etsy seller EricaKnit. It costs $450 (~$430 more than a white sweater and cans of black, blue and grey spraypaint) and is NOT the sweater you're looking for if you're planning to attend a tacky Christmas sweater party. Back me up here, Rudolph sweater with the blinking LED nose! Remember that time I vommed on you? "Time?" Haha, times. I'd wash you but I don't want your circuitry to get wet. "A turtleneck told me I smell so bad that I can't join in any sweater games." Pfft, they play dumb shit anyways -- go ask my underwear to play hide-and-seek.

Hit the jump for a couple more of Smiley McLightuparoom here.




EricaKnit's Etsy Shop

R2-D2 Sweater: The Threads You Are Looking for [technabob]

Thanks to G, who considered commissioning a C-3PO sweater BEFORE COMING TO HIS F***ING SENSES.

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