Nine-Pound Folding Fabric Canoe Fits In A Backpack (NOT IN A BREADBOX)

August 1, 2011


You know what sucks about canoeing? Trying to get in one and tipping over. Well, that, and you have to paddle, which takes work. Besides that it's okay I guess but I'd still prefer a motorboat any day. *mashing tits together* Well? I SAID GET YOUR FACE IN HERE!

The Adhoc Canoe weighs in at just 4.1 kilos (nine pounds) and shrinks down to fit into a bag that measures 13 x 23 x 70 centimeters (5 x 9 x28 inches). The frame is fashioned from carbon fiber and the hull made from aramid, a polyamide used in bike tires and body armor, among other things.

The canoe was designed by Ori Levin, but this is currently the only one in existence. "But I was wanted to add one to my emergency car kit for the next time I drive into a river!" Ha, same. Don't worry though, I added a video after the jump of a freestyle canoeing championship to make up for it. "Freestyle canoeing -- WTF is that?!" In one word? Amazing.

Hit the jump for a video of freestyle canoeing championship.

Folding Canoe Fits in a Backpack [wired]

Thanks to Tommy, who made his own travel-size swampboat out of a boogie board and box fan. That...sounds f***ing awesome. And to lil co, who is travel-sized herself and fits on my back.

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