Finally!: The Brain Regions Associated With Female Sexual Stimulation Mapped Out

August 17, 2011


I was really hoping for more of an 'X marks the spot' kinda map, but hey -- virgins beggars can't be choosers. Beggars can threaten to kill you if you don't give them a cigarette though. That's like the one thing they're allowed. So yeah, scientists have successfully mapped the regions of the brain associated with the stimulation of the clitoris, cervix, vagina and nipples, making this post waaaaaaaay out of the realm of my expertise (I only know dinos and killer robots and neither one very well).

Not surprisingly, the brain region associated with sensation from the clitoris was distinct from those that respond to stimulation of the cervix or vagina. Each area of the genitals showed up in its own spot, clustered in one region of the brain -- the same region associated with genital stimulation in men -- overlapping but separate.

What the researchers did not anticipate was that sensation from the nipples also excited the brain within the same region, right alongside the areas corresponding to genital stimulation, according to lead author Barry Komisaruk, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University. "That was completely unexpected," he says. It would help explain why the nipples are erogenous zones in women, he says.

No word how the study was actually conducted, but I'm reaaaaaaally regretting not being involved.

The Female Erotic Brain, Mapped [time] with more info, including how the study was actually conducted (with women rubbing themselves with their heads in an MRI)
Sex on the brain: What turns women on, mapped out [newscientist]

Thanks to Fally, who agrees a map of a women's actual privates with notations of good places to stop and things to do along the way would be much more helpful.

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