Finally, A Decent Police Officer-Tracking App *Puts On Ski-Mask*

August 25, 2011


Police in Surrey, England have developed an iPhone app that tracks local officers so citizens feel a heightened sense of safety and security. Oooooooooor rob a bank on the other side of town.

The app is totally well-intentioned. It's supposed to give residents a sense of security--and also a heads up--about when there's a crime being committed in the area, and how the police are responding.

The service is only available to a portion of the county for the time being, but officials are hoping to take it nationwide some time soon...

Granted you could just go the old fashioned route and listen to the police channels on the radio, but what fun is that? SPOILER: tons. GEEKOLOGIE WRITER ALPHA TO ALL UNITS -- THERE'S A FLY IN MY BEER, OVER. "This is your last warning -- stay off this channel." I JUST DRANK IT. FISH AND CHIPS, OVER.

Hey Criminals! Your Town Made You an App to Track Cops [gizmodo]

Thanks to Dave, who tracks police with one of those sniffer dogs with the sloopy faces and floppy ears.

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