'Fallout: Nuka Break' Becomes Web Series

August 31, 2011


Remember that impressive Fallout fan-film from a couple months ago. I do. Does that make me special? No. Spending four years in a lead-painted crib made me special. *trying to lick ear* Well the short was so successful they deciding to turn it into a web series. And the video of me ranting about government conspiracies with a grocery bag over my head? Now that -- that was a flop. KEEP IGNORING THE TRUTH -- YOU'LL SEE!

Hit the jump for ten minutes of wasteland RPGing. But, warning: there's a ghoul in the crew.


Thanks to Ben and Silvermidnight, who would both take all their companion's weapons away and then tell them to 'wait here' while they rile up some Deathclaws. Haha -- me too!

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