Facebook Costs US Employers $280B Yearly

August 31, 2011


According to some numbers made up by some guy, Facebook use costs US employers around $280-billion anally. Hey, I was just as shocked as you were -- there are asses involved. Also, only 7-minutes? LOLOLOL! You can visit guy's website for a more thorough explanation of the breakdown but it's really anybody's guess (I guess a fifty zillion!) as to just how badly Facebook affects work productivity. Geekologie? Geekologie costs employers almost $200 a year. "That....sounds high." Ouch. :'(' ' 0

Facebook Costs US Employers $28,000,000,000 per year [thefitzpatrick]
Facebook Costs US Employers $280,000,000,000 Per Year [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Josh, who's convinced cat videos are the REAL problem here.

Geekologie's Facebook page because damn the man, that's why
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