EZ Catch, The Quicker Chicken Picker Upper

August 20, 2011


This is a chicken "vacuum" used to harvest chickens from the yard and crate them before slaughter so they can finally be put out of their f***ing misery. It's...a great example of what's wrong with the manufactured meat industry. Aaaaaaaand why I don't eat the animals. God knows it's not for health reasons. That and one time I found an unprocessed pig asshole in a hotdog.

Hit the jump for the last thing a chicken ever sees.

This freaky machine sucks up chickens from the yard [dvice]

Thanks to Eli (he's coming -- you better hide your heart, girl) and costa, who herd chickens the old fashioned way: running around flapping their arms like wings and yelling, "BWAWK BWAWK BWAWK!" Gaaaaaah -- the chicken king is after us!

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