Eye Candy: The Deku Tree Of Hyrulian Life

August 12, 2011


Note: Worthwhile full-res version HERE that I wish was in the dimensions of my desktop background.

This is the Deku Tree of Life as imagined by artist Jude Buffman (of 8-bit butcher diagram and Rainbow Brite fatality fame) for the iam8bit art show happening right now here in LA. Apparently he's got some prints of the piece for sale at the show (which I might go grab if they're still available and the price is right!), but will also be selling posters at a later date. SCIENCE!:

For my contribution to the show, I created Magna Arbor Vitae Deku (traslated "The Great Deku Tree of Life") a sprawling exploration of the evolutionary biology of the 200 most important species from the Legend of Zelda video game series. Complete with binomial Latin names (Zora Bellator and Zora Fluvialis share a common ancestor with the more peaceful species Zora Sapien, for example), the brances of the Deku tree trace the evolution of each species over millions of years. Forks in the branches indicate an extinct common ancestor of the species that follow.

You know, I can honestly say I've never given much thought to the evolution of Hyrulian species. What it would be like to bang a Goron, absolutely. Explosive. Get it? Because they make bombs! it would feel so good. Like making love to a parking lot.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups.






Jude's Website
The Evolutionary Biology of Hyrule: A Link to the Deku Tree [technabob]

Thanks to jackie, Happy Camper and Luz, who know how I feel about Zelda. She's like, the second prettiest girl in the world!

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