Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Now With More Same Sex, Different Species Marriage

August 26, 2011


In the much anticipated Elder Scrolls: Skyrim players will not only be able to marry between races, but the same sex as well. Finally. *eying Mass Effect 2* GARRUS AND I COULD'VE HAD SOMETHING.

Bethesda's Pete Hines has confirmed that gay marriage is possible in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The news comes, like all news these days, from a tweet. In response to a twitterer's question which suggested Bethesda was being "hush hush" about gay marriage, Hines posted:

"Not hush hush, just not making a huge deal out of it. You can marry anyone."

Obviously, I will have a harem of lizard-people and hopefully a dragon. Also, since it's Friday and we're being honest, yes, I did "test" Fisto the sex robot in Fallout: New Vegas, but ONLY to make sure he wouldn't tear somebody's wiener off and fail the mission for me. *poker face* Did anybody buy that? "I wouldn't believe it for free." Okay I got curious.

Skyrim To Allow Gay Marriage [g4tv]

Thanks to eric and Janre, neither one of which married a cousin.

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