Creep Factor 11: Fake Hand iPhone Cases

August 4, 2011


There are iPhone cases, and then there are iPhone cases. Then, there are these fake hand iPhone cases from Strapya World. They make it look like you're holding a severed hand when talking on the phone. But that's not even the best part -- the best part is the price! Only $64. Any cheaper and they'd practically be giving them away! Kidding, that's a ripoff. Plus it won't even fit in a pocket. But if you do manage to stuff it in there and get a call on vibrate it will feel like a handjob...
*quietly pre-orders entire stock*

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the product shite.



Product Shite
You've Got to Hand it to the Japanese... [technabob]

Thanks to Kirk, who just taped a lucky rabbit's foot to his Blackberry. not the same.

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