Couple's Zombie Attack-Themed Engagement

August 21, 2011


Note: Entire worthwhile series after the jump.

You know what they say: a couple that slays together, stays together. No? Nobody says that? Well I just did. "You also just said you'd kill everyone in the room for a Butterfinger Blizzard." I know, and I meant it. Shit, I'd take out half of you for a creamsicle. This is a series of photos of California couple Ben and Juliana fighting off a zombie during their engagement picnic. very romantic. Nothing draws a couple closer than killing something together. Don't believe me? I'll ask my roommate's girlfriend. Well? "I wouldn't know." Soooooooooo -- you weren't around for that whole hooker thing? *sits back and waits for break up so Derek and I can be best bros again*

Hit the jump for the entire attack from start to finish.


best wedding pictures ever... scroll down [mlkshk] (IDRINKITUP)
Charming Zombie Engagement Portrait Photographer "Excited, Overwhelmed" By Internet Love [gothamist]

Thanks to Snowflake, Catherine, paul and Byrd, who all had robot-attack engagements and were *this close* to having me call in an airstrike before I realized it was all staged. Not coo.

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