Count Me In: '3-D' Trampoline Dodgeball

August 22, 2011


This is a video advertising some sports complex's '3-D' trampoline dodgeball court. It looks fun. Maybe not as fun as 3-D trampoline kickball, but that would take a whole lot more trampolines. And speaking of trampolines -- the last two times I've gotten into a bounce-house I've wound up biting my knee trying to do backflips. Plus was drunk. Coincidence? Yes, bounce-houses are just inherently dangerous.

Hit the jump for the bideo (bideo is the new video, this is the last time I'm gonna tell you).

Future Sport Of The Day []

Thanks to Rob and Evil Ares, who have allegedly broken people's glasses right off their faces playing dodgeball. Okay you two you on my team. We're skins.

  • Luneth

    Just need some Tron discs, light suits and neon lights on the trampolines and we'd be all set.

  • OSUboarder

    I've played this. 'twas sweet.

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