Chilean Firm Develops Anti-Fungal Underwear

August 10, 2011


Oh man, I used to play underwear space-ranger as a kid!

Chilean undergarment manufacturer Monarch recently rolled out a line of anti-fungal underwear BECAUSE GOD FORBID YOU WASH YOUR PRIVATES AND PANTIES OFTEN ENOUGH TO NOT GROW F***ING MUSHROOMS. Jesus -- it's called bleach, folks, I think about drinking it all the time.

Monarch, the Chilean company developed the technology and is now producing underwear & socks for both men & women, introduced the technology in Chile this Monday. It's like this: copper is merged with polyamide and the result is a type of oil that's then turned into a wire. Machines take these wires and weave them inside the undie fabric so that the processed metal stays in contact with the user's skin. This, as you can imagine, provides the user with day-long germ-killing delicates.

...using processed copper in your undies can eliminate the bacteria and fungi that naturally develops on human skin. Copper and its sterilizing effect, says the company, is up to 99% effective at killing nasty skin microbes.

Hey, whatever keeps my privates smelling nice and fresh, I'm down. Granted up until now it was always Febreeze or lighting incense in my pubes, but I'm open to changing. Just not my underwear, which is why my peen is all mossy. Ladies? Tree-people?

Chilean Company Creates Fungi-Resistant Undies Out Of Copper [guanabee]

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