Car Explodes In Front Of Firefighter, Not A Single F*** Is Given, Continues Hosing Calmly

August 24, 2011


A car fire, clearly started by the pyro filming the scene (see lighter, lower left) was being sprayed by a Los Angeles firefighter when -- BOOSH! -- shit got real. Unfortunately for the car fire, the firefighter got even realer, and continued to hose the flames without missing a beat. pretty badass. And I'm not just saying that because one time I pissed myself and cried when my popcorn started popping, but...yes, yes I am. That's why I'm saying that.

Hit the jump for the badassery, explosion is at the beginning-ish.

Burning Car Explodes Right In Firefighter's Face--but He Shrugs and Keeps Working [gizmodo]

Thanks to Dan the Man, who wants to make it clear he's not Dan the Lady although I definitely suspect a moonlighting situation going on.

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