Bug Tornadoes Herald Coming Apocalypse

August 18, 2011


OMG -- the eighth plague.

Because God has wisely (the dude's smart) decided humanity's reign of terror on earth has just about run its course, here's a video featuring a bunch of recent bugnadoes (bugs + tornadoes, despite the absence of any actual tornadoes) in Missouri. Allegedly they're some sort of multi-thousand bug sex party, but that's just what a nonbeliever would have you think. And me, well, I believe.

♫ I believe I can fly

I believe I can touch the sky
Think about it every night and day
spread my wings and fl-- ♫

Oh -- oh shit, I think just swallowed a bug. *hocking* "GW, stay focused -- you're falling!" Oh no -- I've lost my happy thought! *plummeting back to earth* Boning dinosaurs, BONING DINOSAURS!*soars like an eagle into power lines*

Hit the jump for the video of the end is nigh.

Behold the Bugnado! [yahoonews]

Thanks to Bret, who once stood in a dirt devil for a solid 30-seconds with his mouth open and then spit mud. Cherish it, Bret -- that's as close to a superpower as you're gonna get.

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