Black Milk's One-Piece Game Boy Swimsuit

August 22, 2011


Would wear even if balls hung out leg hole.

Black Milk (wait -- like chocolate?!) is back at it, this time with a Game Boy inspired swimsuit. "I wanna play!" Haha -- SHE WILL NEVER LET YOU. It looks like the company is currently in the process of rolling out a new line of suits, although this particular model (the swimsuit, not the chicky) isn't on the website yet. Possibly because they don't have the proper licensing or -- OR -- because they're only selling them out of a van parked on the corner of 4th street behind a taco truck. F*** I love street burritos.

Hit the jump for an ass shot and a link to their product site with the new designs.


Black Milk Official Site
Game Boy swimsuit is the sexiest video game you have ever seen [dvice]

Thanks to Tori, who prefers two-pieces. Oh yeah? Well I'm into three-pieces SO THERE, I WIN.

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