Batman, The Answer's Batman: The Batquation

August 1, 2011


This is allegedly a series of equations that, when entered into a graphing program, form the Bat-symbol. I have no clue if it's accurate or not since I spent the entirety of high school math classes playing Drug Dealer on a TI-83, but I'll take their word for it. Plus I remember in Algebra my teacher held a contest to see who could make the most interesting picture on their graphing calculator. One kid did a pretty impressive smiley face. Another did a little house. Me? I used a felt-tip pen to draw a pecker on the screen. I got disqualified. PLUS detention :/

Batman Equation is Answered with the Bat-Symbol [techeblog]

Thanks to Shirley, who made her lab partner lick the frog they were dissecting because he was in love with her.

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